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IMAGE:  66567 on Garston FLT - Southampton MCT Liner. Halebank. December 2014




You will note that “CO” has now been dropped from the domain name.

The revised and updated website has now been streamlined covering Three Sections only which are 1) PASSENGER TOC’S 2) PHOTO LOCATIONS and 3) FREIGHT DIRECTORY. The latter section now has a freight timetable guide covering five locations, Edge Lane Junction (Bootle Branch Line), Earlestown (L&M Line), Ditton East Junction, Runcorn and Helsby.

Besides the website, there is also three Flickr Image sites covering different aspects of my photography.

“8A RAIL” This Flickr site cover’s recent rail images mainly local as such but also occasionally further afield too.

“The 8A RAIL COLLECTION” This Flickr site covers various rail images taken between 1980 and 2010 from my extensive collections covering both modern image and preserved steam.

“8A RAIL’s OTHER IMAGES” Images on this Flickr site covers NON rail related images, including other forms of transport (Aircraft, Ships, Road) as well as the usual scenic locations and animals too.

In October 2012, I published my first book using Blurb.com and as a test bed, decided to show some of the images taken during my Canadian visits in 2007 and 2008. In all there is 120 pages with over 150 images covering different aspects of the railway across Canada and also Chicago.

Click the title to preview the book: “Canada by Rail”

This book is available to purchase but because of the initial cost in producing book for my own benefit in the form of a photographic album, the purchase price is higher than normal. However, it is available in soft back & hard back versions. May be in due course, an E/Book version will become available. Currently working on a second book featuring some of my Black & White rail images. Further updates will be provided in due course.

Please note ALL information on the website is provided in good faith and as a general guide only. All trains as you may appreciate are subject to alteration or even cancellation therefore no guarantee is made that any train services will operate due to numerous outside factors. Finally, when observing and photographing trains, please remember to obtain permission to gain access to private property and do not trespass on the railway as you will be putting your life and other people's life's in danger.

If you require further assistance or you may have useful information to assist this website, please do not hesitate to contact the website owner.


January 2015.

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